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TRACKER by Bobby Asghar     TIME-CHASE

"Beware the wrath of God.
If God were just, we would be rewarded.
If God were good, we would not be damned.
The answer lies in time and what mortals make of it.
For God and Sector."

In twenty forty-one—after two decades of war—the Judiciary was formed; a union of sector leaders whose office was to govern over the four hundred million surviving citizens of the eight European sectors. With resources depleted and vast regions of the earth devastated, the Judiciary’s iron dictate, implemented by Enforcers, allowed for a new world to be built from the shattered remains of the old, but its segregated reformation also birthed avenues for illicit enterprise.

Two years later, Professor Ludwig Von Holfen’s discovery of a means by which it was possible to travel to a previous time frame necessitated the formation of the Temporal Enforcement Division of the Central Enforcement Authority, and within it the rugged rank of the Search and Destroy agent.

Conscripted from an orphanage aged fifteen and having fought in every major war since the rise of terrorism, conflict was all John Stryker had ever known. Militarily trained to hunt and kill with emotional detachment, and a Tactical Enforcer since the end of the Tech War, his twenty forty-eight selection for Search and Destroy couldn’t have been more tailored. But after two years and twenty-seven temporal chases, his irradiated mind was becoming too difficult to control.
Tracker by Bobby Asghar on
Tracker by Bobby Asghar on